Event Details

Date: Tuesday, 17th March 2020
Time: 9:30 AM
Venue: JCB VIP Visitor Centre, Rocester, Staffordshire, ST14 5LS

Hitachi Vantara will be hosting a roundtable for ‘Optimising Mobile Assets’ at the JCB VIP Visitor Centre on Tuesday, 17th March 2020. This roundtable will focus on the challenges in managing and optimising the costs associated with mobile assets, including: Vehicle Fleet Optimisation, Asset Utilisation Optimisation, Minimising Asset Lifecycle Costs, Minimising Fuel Costs, and Supporting Excellence in Customer Service.

Join Hitachi Vantara for an interactive session where we will be joined by clients to provide demonstrations of the cutting edge solutions we are deploying.

Topics to be covered are:
  • Asset Optimisation
  • Fleet Optimisation
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • User Behaviour Optimisation
  • AR Guided Maintenance

Please RSVP and for more information contact HVLLClearnmore@hitachivantara.com

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