Think beyond things:
IoT that drives outcomes

Hitachi delivers value-based outcomes with IoT solutions that bring devices, people, infrastructure and processes together. At Hitachi Consulting, we are taking this further, applying our commitment to social innovation to reconsider the Internet of Things and transforming it into what it should be: the 'Internet of Outcomes'. In collaborative creation with our clients and partners, we are already co-creating sustainable business advantages that answer society's challenges.

This is possible because of our 106 years' experience in manufacturing OT (Operational Technology) and 55 years' experience in delivering advanced IT solutions. This pedigree allows us to 'Think Beyond Things' and architect social innovation within the physical and digital world where IoT comes alive, through:

Sensors for IOT
Building the sensors that broadcast and collect the data that powers IoT.
IOT analytics
Developing the analytics that turn data into wisdom and activate the full digital ecosystem.
Iot projects
Constructing the real infrastructure – power plants, smart vehicles, smart urban environments – of our IoT-driven world where people live and work every day.
Iot mobile
Forming unique partnerships with mobile networks to ensure better data transference across digital and device ecosystems.

Industry Expertise

At Hitachi Consulting and across the Hitachi Group, we develop IoT solutions that drive new outcomes, value, and positive change for organisations and society. The strength of our innovation is embodied in our 119,000 patents since 2000 and the $5.4bn we've invested in IoT solutions, people and businesses.

The results we've achieved – in areas including cities, transport, retail, healthcare, heavy industry and energy – show how true partnerships and wider ecosystems can find new answers to extremely complex challenges.

Together, we can continue to do even more: join us in our journey to the Internet of Outcomes.