Engineering The New Reality
How to address the Digital imperative

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Our latest thought leadership book 'Engineering the New Reality', examines how organizations can thrive in the new world of 'Digital'.

This draws on examples from our work as a leading IoT integrator, working with partners, clients, and across Hitachi companies in a spirit of co-creation, with a strong foundation of turning data into insight, to create a permanently agile organization.

Chapter topics include the 'Adaptive Business Engine', Smart City and Open Data Platforms, Energy Efficiency, People Centric Healthcare, Single Customer View, Predictive Maintenance and more.

Most recently covered in the Hitachi 19th October 2016 Social Innovation Forum London, we presented:

  • Our partnership with Hitachi Rail to deliver Virgin's most recent Azuma 'Intelligent Trains'. Read more about Analytics in Chapter 4
  • We also described how Hitachi Consulting is working with the Energy market in Germany, to ensure traded energy is more profitable, sustainable, and optimized based on any given market condition, revolutionizing energy trading operations. Read more in Chapter 6
  • The City Data Exchange for Copenhagen is a new approach of opening up and combining public and private data sets to power the Smart City of the future. The project is a key initiative of the city of Copenhagen and the Capital Region in their drive to become carbon neutral by 2025. Read more in Chapter 8.
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Hitachi Consulting sponsoring Verdict Future Retail Strategies Event in September 2016

Hitachi Social Innovation Forum 19th October 2016 London, bringing together leading industry names and Hitachi experts to explore key IoT themes and opportunities
UKOUG Partner of the Year Awards, October 2016, London: Hitachi Consulting UK shortlisted for 4 awards
'Digital Transformation Can Help Organizations Overcome Their Fear Of Failure '
Hitachi Consulting talks to Forbes
Hitachi was recently cited in the Gartner's Building the Digital Platform: The 2016 CIO Agenda 02 October 2015
G00292133 – Analyst(s): Dave Aron | Graham P. Waller | Lee Weldon
City Data Exchange Launched 18th May 2016, Hitachi sets Data free to give Copenhagen Smart City Insights. Read press release.
Oracle Digital Transformation Forum 8th March 2016 Manchester – Chris Gates, Director of Retail EMEA Hitachi Consulting as Guest Speaker
Oracle Business Analytics Summit 16th March 2016 London – Hitachi Consulting invited as a sponsor

Becoming a Digital Enterprise

At Hitachi Consulting we believe to become a successful digital enterprise requires a transformation that puts digital at the heart of the business. Many companies talk about transformation as a journey with a clearly defined start and end point, but digitization is not so clear-cut. It is less like a journey and more like an adventure without a fixed destination. It is about creating the right conditions and environment to succeed and providing the adaptability that is needed when things change, whether driven by business or technology demands or the emerging skills within the business.

Hitachi Consulting offers an approach that considers five key pillars of digital maturity, allowing organisations to completely transform productivity levels, reduce costs, innovate faster, exploit new opportunities and achieve sustainable, profitable growth.

Why Hitachi Consulting:

  • Pragmatic industry knowledge and insight
  • Award winning – technology alliance partner credentials
  • Pioneers of a value-based consulting approach
  • Engineering is our heritage.

Hitachi Consulting brings to clients the industry expertise, intellectual property from delivering Big Data solutions across multiple industries, and the innovation and engineering excellence from across the Hitachi Group.

Digital ready or Digitally disrupted? by Simon Moores, Futurologist

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Disruption & opportunities in New Reality by David Brindle, SVP Hitachi Consulting

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What does Digital mean to Abcam? COO of Abcam tells Hitachi Consulting

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What does Digital mean to Wiggle, Jeff Wollen, CIO Wiggle

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Hitachi Consulting's Digital Leaders Dinner and Book Launch 2016

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Engineering the New Reality
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An Introduction                                                                      

Chapter 6 Sustaining the New Reality

Sustaining the New Reality
Click here to read Chapter 6

How energy efficiency can equate to business efficiency and growth                                                   

Thrive in the New Reality - Conclusion | Engineering the New Reality

Thrive in the New Reality
Click here to read Conclusion


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Chris Saul - Vice President, Hitachi Consulting, EMEA

Chapter   Intro 1 2 Conclusion

Chris Saul
Vice President (EMEA),
Digital Consulting

Jonathan Gray - Vice President, Operations Hitachi Consulting, EMEA

Chapter 3

Jonathan Gray
Vice President (EMEA),
Innovation & Capabilities

Manish Popli - Director, Hitachi Consulting, EMEA

Chapter 3

Manish Popli
Director (EMEA),
Supply Chain

Shahbaz Haque - Director, Hitachi Consulting, EMEA

Chapter 4

Shahbaz Haque
Director (EMEA),
Rail & Predictive Maintenance

Paul Watson - Vice President, Hitachi Consulting, EMEA

Chapter 5

Paul Watson
Vice President (EMEA),
Digital Engineering

Jonathon Wright - Director Digital Engineering,  Hitachi Consulting, EMEA

Chapter 5

Jonathon Wright
Director (EMEA),
Digital Engineering

Ramachander - Vice President, Hitachi Consulting, EMEA

Chapter 6

Ram Ramchander
Vice President (EMEA),
Energy Efficiency

Mark Hill - Vice President, Hitachi Consulting, EMEA

Chapter 7

Mark Hill
Vice President (EMEA),
Business Intelligence & Analytics

Peter Bjorn Larsen - Director, Hitachi Consulting, EMEA

Chapter 8

Peter Bjorn Larsen
Director (EMEA),
Social Innovation

Charmaine Servado - Senior Marketing Manager, Hitachi Consulting, EMEA

Charmaine Servado
Senior Marketing Manager (EMEA),
Technology Solutions & Outsourcing